Breville Panini Press

Breville Panini Press

Cooking on a smooth , scratch-resistant platform is what brings a taste to the food being prepared enchanting both the cook and the consumer. Everyone loves the taste of those brownish, crispy sandwiches. And to fulfil your hunger desires, Breville Panini Press comes with the exact features one would look for to include as one of the prime cookery machines.

Breville is widely famous for manufacturing great, all around outlined and energizing kitchen machines that cover a scope of various needs in an affordable way worldwide. From blending and juicing machines to #sandwich makers and steam irons, Breville has proven their expertise.

Design of Breville Panini Press:

Breville Panini Press

The 1500 watt Breville Panini Press has several advantages like it has a non-sticky surface for easier clean-up. In addition to this the bottom is comprised of quantanium that is internally reinforced, water-resistant and multi coated. Quantanium integrates a unique mix of titanium particles blended in the coating that stands up to anything and provides excellent scratch resistant and unexceptional durability. It has a flat bottom that helps in fast and thorough cooking also preventing loss of any oil used to cook. Moreover, the top of this tool is featured with a ribbed surface that creates grill marks on those delicious food you make.

It has a floating hinge and the top plate can be adjusted in a range of heights with respect to the lower one with 4 height setting buttons to the side of the device. This helps you in making enough required pressure on slice or sandwich, leaving another end open so that yummy vegetables and cheese do not spread out due to excessive press.

Breville Panini Press has on and off light that indicates the user that it is ready to be used and hence enhances the ease of its use and safety. Green and Orange light is easily visible from the distance and so you will not be busy worrying about your bread being overburn. The brushed stainless steel casing provides a fashionable look, greater performance which adds up to the elegance of the tool and also speeds up the heating process. It not only limits itself to toasting sandwiches but also to making omelettes, pancakes and reheating pizza slices and many applications a user can think of. It can be locked and hence can be easily shifted to any place and also can be placed in the kitchen in an upright manner saving space.

Paninis can be made in a super-easy manner and the edges of heating plate help keep all the small breadcrumbs, sauce and bites in one place and thus prevent unwanted wastage of food. It is a short and effective device ,a mini-pack with a sturdy handle, a greater durability and a non-compromised quality.

Working of Breville Panini Press:

Breville Panini Press

Breville Panini Press has very easy operation. All you need to do is, just plug the cable and turn the switch on. Let the press as it is for few minutes and get it warm up. Just after minutes, put the bread, eggs, sandwich, or anything you wish to grill inside and close the lid. Within 3-5 minutes your super tasty dish is ready to eat.

While heating your bread inside, one always seems to be worried if it turn out black, or melt the cheese outside. But while we talk about Breville Press, you do not worry about it. It’s extra safe feature prevent the machine to product over heat, and turns the Dashboard light on, simply indicates that food is ready and ok to serve in your plates directly. The Breville Panini Press can turn on and off fully automatically.

Breville Panini Press

If you do not know how to operate, or even do not wish to remember all the sandwich recipes, then you should not worry about it because #Breville Panini Press comes with adequate information about usage, instructions, safety features, and some good to know dishes too.

Conclusion :

For any kind of instant meal, or short breakfast, from evening snack to your after workout dishes, Breville Panini Press proves itself worthy in every situation so that you can cook without any extra care.

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