AeroPress Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Coffee Maker makes coffee unlike anything you might have ever tried before and has precisely created an entirely new brewing category that falls somewhere between immersion and pour over. You can adapt your own technique to brew your own cup of coffee with this incredible invention.

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Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker
Makes 1-3 Cups of Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness


Brewing your favorite cup of coffee can prove difficult if you don’t have proper equipments for that freshly brewed coffee.

There may be a wide range of coffee maker available in the market each promising a great brew but with a considerable amount of money and it can go quiet expensive. Among all these electric costly hyped coffee makers, there is a coffee maker that stand apart not only in its coffee making technology but also with it’s fairly minima price.

AeroPress Coffee Maker might seem like just another plastic container if seen from outside but it’s a product that has been hailed for its perfect blend all over the world. There are competitions every year for who can brew the best coffee out of AeroPress coffee Maker and there is a huge class that swears by this product.

Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler who had invented the famous Aerobie Flying Ring, came up with another of his invention called AeroPress Coffee Maker. Since then it has achieved perhaps the biggest cult following in the entire coffee industry.

AeroPress is probably the best investment you would make when it is about making coffee. AeroPress is easy to use, easy to clean, gives the best tasting coffee and to top all of these, its incredibly durable. It’s made out of unbreakable BPA Free Plastic and comes in a pack that includes the AeroPress tube and Piston, A Stirring Wand, A Coffee Scoop, and A Coffee Funnel along with an instruction book. It gives a strong and intense flavored coffee retaining the subtle fruity and nutty notes of coffee.

AeroPress is the fist coffee maker that combines affordability and simplicity with the ability to produce finest quality coffee.

The Plunger presses trapped air down the chamber, forcing the water over the coffee and through the filter into your cup, with filters making sure only the smoothest coffee makes it to your cup, keeping the acidity level of the coffee very low. It’s the cheapest yet the most authentic coffee brewing experience you could get with a coffee maker. This coffee maker might not be so fancy like an automatic coffee maker and you would need some hand on practicing to be able to brew your favorite cup of coffee, but the taste is worth the efforts.

To talk in detail about the parts that get used in the process of coffee making – There are two cylinders, one of which fits snugly into the other. Both are flanged at one end. The smaller of the two is the plunger and has a rubber piece at the non-flanged end that creates a water tight seal when inserted into the brewing chamber (the larger of the two cylinders). The third piece is a black perforated filter holder that is about one half inch deep. A filter is placed inside and secured to the brewing chamber with a quick twist, all of this in just 30 seconds!

Clean up of the AeroPress and the disk is simple and takes only seconds. You just remove the cap and the disk and push out the spent grounds by pressing the plunger all the way in, then rinse off the disk. The brewing chamber has already been cleaned by the plunger so you just need to rinse the coffee off the end, wipe it with a clean dry towel and you’re done with cleaning!


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